Listening to new music on the go can be addictive, liberating and empowering at the same time. This also answers why people are often found to be on their own rhythms on the way.

As you go on listening, you encounter songs that vibrate you instantly, the songs that you like on the first playing, the songs that evoke contradictory emotions. While one song appreciates the silence of the beloved and say, “you hold me near, You drown out the crowd,” its antithesis comes when a singer argues that she has had enough of silence and sings along, “When we don’t talk/When we don’t touch/When it doesn’t feel like we’re even in love/It matters to me.” As you move along with this contradiction ringing in your head, you feel closer to life and feel that you are not afraid of anything and you can walk to death listening to songs. Like a person high on drugs, you elevate yourself and see the reality. This precisely makes this hobby addictive.

The sense of liberation comes when you hear artists, on our case, the songwriters and singers singing defiance as if they sing or write to defy the social order. These songs tell things that we can’t say in our sane life. It looks as though they say things for us, on our behalf, elect the most closet emotions of us and release them. While you listen to these longs, you feel you are not the only person who feels the way you do. Add to this, these songs constantly spur you to break the shackles that bind you. You, for example, mutter after the song, “And I’m tired of pretending/I don’t love you anymore,” or “If I could do it/Then you could do it too/If I could do it.” This becomes very liberating in that it releases your anguish, thereby making you more positive. Empowerment comes from this sense of liberation. When you can say what you want to say, or when you BELIEVE you have said what you’d wanted to say, you feel powerful, more focused on your work and nimble like a first bud.

While there are songs that you want to listen to many times, this experience of addiction, liberation, and empowerment often comes only from the new songs. It is so because they keep you in suspense and suddenly shock off the stability, bringing out the things you wanted to say but didn’t know you wanted to say.