Nepali to English Transcription

In spite of the fact that few people are familiar with the term ‘transcription,’ it is widely practiced in Nepal. Basically, transcription means the conversion of any speech into text. A speech can be an audio file or in the form of a video and it can be a record of any kind of occasion or incident.

Now, it is pretty much apparent that with the proliferation of social sites, especially YouTube, there is a rising demand for Nepali transcription. However, it does not mean social media is the primary sector of transcription. Instead, the practice of Nepali transcription dates back decades before the emergence of social media.

If you are looking for a certified transcriber in Nepal, you cannot find a better place. So, do you have any Nepali speech that you want to have transcribed? Our Nepali transcription service is quite broad, which means we not only convert your speech into text but we also translate it into English and many other languages, when required. Moreover, we serve our clients irrespective of the size of the file, the field the speech is related to and the accent. It is because we are a transcription and translation company with a huge number of certified employees from different backgrounds.

We have been doing Nepali transcription of interviews, public speeches, group conversations, documentaries, podcasts, vlogs and so on. We are committed to provide quality Nepali transcription service to our clients in order to widen the horizon of our working sector. When it comes to quality, we focus on clarity of language, punctuation marks and grammar. Since Nepali is the mother tongue, our expert team members are known for word for word transcription of Nepali speech. Just in case you want to have your speech file translated into English or any other language, we give you an additional favor by directly translating the given file in the required language. Which means you will have your job done cheaper and faster.