Nepali interpretation Services

In this globalized world, people’s movement has increased at an alarmingly quick rate. People from the poorer countries are going to the richer parts for the world for work. There is an equally large portion of the people wishing to migrate. On the other hand, the people from the richer part of the world are also traveling to the poorer parts as tourists, researchers, INGO workers. This unprecedented growth in people’s movement has paved the way for the interpretation business to grow. Suffice it to say that the demand for Nepali interpretation is ever increasing.

However, because the Nepal government does not provide an interpretation degree nor has it made provisions to study interpretation at universities (despite the fact that the government prefers calling Nepal as a tourism-based country), we don’t have sufficient numbers of interpreters interpreting from English to Nepali to English. Likewise, even those who have been providing interpretation services don’t always boast of the quality required. To rescue you from this bottleneck, we have set up the Nepali interpretation services so we can serve everyone requiring interpretation services in Nepal.

While we provide consecutive interpretation services, our team is also capable of providing conference interpretation services. Similarly, we also provide Nepali escort interpreters, court interpreters. Apart from the above conventional interpretation services, we also provide phone interpreters, online interpreters. As a result of interpretation services for all the domains via all the mediums available, we have been able to serve more people as well as earn recognition in the world of interpretation services in Nepal.

Given that we are a team of linguists, we take up any amount of jobs in a day. We can provide as many as 5 interpreters a day. In the same way, our team showcases a great diversity of expertise and experiences. We have Nepali interpreters who have had extensive experience working in remote and inaccessible settings. Also, we have a few translators who have interpreted for several conferences. At the same time, some of our interpreters have provided services to international clients via online platforms.

In short, we can provide all kinds of Nepali interpretation services via any medium in addition to providing as many as 5 linguists at the same time.

We also provide translation, editing, transcription services. Because our team also consists of Tibetan, Hindi, and Dzongkha linguists and hence we provide services for these languages too.

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