English to Nepali Document Translation

The Nepali translation industry has come a long way to be an ever growing industry, with a large number of companies translating their services and products into Nepali so they can project these products and services in Nepali markets successfully. The enhanced number of Nepali translation requests makes it imperative that new Nepali translation services providers enter the market. However, given that Nepal does not have a translator qualifying examinations, nor does it have a translation focused degree providing university, the providers who are getting into this field day by day are not necessarily the best although they claim to be the best.

Also, because the conventional Nepali translators who have been doing a paper-based translation (translating on paper and having it typed) are not aware of the expansive online market for Nepali translation, they are not into the field. This has resulted in an online database of translators being not as good as it could have been otherwise. In the light of this reality, we have come up with this team of Nepali translators, who have been translating documents from English to Nepali and Nepali to English on a paper-based system as well as those who are adroit both at technology and translation skills.

There are a few things that make us stand in the crowd that claims to be the best. First, we are a group of professional Nepali linguists, meaning that we make a living from document conversions, conversations translations, and in short, from translation and interpretation. So, we are dedicated translators. Because we are dedicated Nepali translators, we have got a plethora of experience and expertise over the years. And besides, we continue to learn new skills and hone the old ones from what we do as Nepali translators. Therefore, with each translation project, we handle we earn new expertise and kudos from the clients. We are liked also because we adore the Nepali language.

Second, we provide the clients with the most accurate and precise translation. Our experience and the ever enhancing expertise helps us deliver the accuracy and precision. Add to this, our team also consists of the translators who have been in the literary translation for a long time. Needless to say, literary translations are more precise and accurate. We use this precision in other types of translations too, thereby creating an error-free translation output.

On the top, in addition to our professionalism, accuracy, and precision, we are very affordable. We work at very competitive rates.

Therefore, a package of dedication, flawlessness, and succinctness is on offer with us.

We are a team of five Nepali linguists. Hence, we can take up as many as 7500 words a day, and translate over 250000 words a month. Add to this, given that we come from different domains, we are able to render services in all the domains ranging from literature translation to technical translations such purely science related translation or user manual translations.

In a nutshell, because we love our language, because we are professional, precise and immaculate, because we are considerably affordable, we boast of everything that is required for the perfection of Nepali translation. Hence, we are a one-stop Nepali translation service providers.

We also provide interpretation, editing, transcription services. Because our team also consists of Tibetan, Hindi and Dzongkha linguists and hence we provide services for these languages too.

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