Apr 21, 2018

Let there be someone,

capable of understanding this fretting,

ready to endear this helplessness

Let there be someone who laughs with me and cries alone

and makes me laugh when I cry.

Let there be someone,

capable of shortening my long nights

ready to sprinkle the first rays of the sun,

awaking me of a void sleep,

firm about loving me to death.

May I be able to get to her magical world,

following the thread of enticement,

to forget the onerous journey,

get lost

even when the world gets burned.

May she come as an eclipse on my life

and hide me in the womb of the darkness.


May I be able to say-

I am tired


I want to get to sleep

and may she sing a lullaby

and may I prance to death,

with my head on her lap.