Adrift- A poem

Jan 31, 2018

Don’t accuse my thirst.

Thirst itself is thirsty here.
Yet my being carries an ocean inside
A floating individual I am.

How is there the aim in the splash of the ocean?
Waves merely walk aimlessly, shaking the whole existence!
Making me even thirstier,

and you walk in the quest of water
What meaning shall I look for?

And what shall I keep?
All I see is- only fall of streams
penetrating the earth, linking me to the horizon,

What shall I unsee?

And what shall I see?
Above this condition
Above this pang
Idealistic horizon?

Or heinous tramp dying a death of dogs?

Has time just stopped here, when the two lizards quarry an insect on the wall?

Is it life or death?

Does the sun rise or set-
Like a con
Like me?

The work, like a business of a machine.

I persist on losing
among lizards and the insects
among the scuffle between existences
And, the water, I, and the sun are complementary existences
Adrift man I am
Prolong the aimless expedition.
Thirsty and very thirsty!