Lately, we seem to have realized the importance of ads sponsored in the social marketing sites as they give us an unprecedented access to the markets. We also seem to have known that the ads sponsored in the social networking sites such as Facebook or twitter are more effective than the ones found in the conventional media. Their effectiveness is reflected in how they reach thousands of audience on a day.

You can advertise for anything. Whether you have to hire employees, or you have to run a champion for an election or even social cause, the ads, or the ones sponsored in the, or or work great. Alternatively, you might want to introduce a product line, or enhance product or penetrate deeper into the market, these ads help great!

But few of people and companies in Nepal provide these marketing services. And unfortunately, the so-called promotional services provided by these marketing agencies are either very expensive for you or not so tailored to your budget. Also, many of these individuals don’t have direct access to the advertising manager like we do. So they only work as a middleman between you, the customers and we, the service providers. Involving a middleman unnecessarily increases cost. Add to this, the response time in the event of a technological glitch, for example, in a Facebook ads, is longer than otherwise.

To rescue you from this and help you make an effective social networking advertising campaigns, we have introduced this service.

We are the only most trusted digital marketing agency specialized in leveraging your brands and information to a wider facebook audience. Advertising on Facebook or social media or selling your products via the Medias including Facebook has never been easier in Nepal. Our packages tailored to help you measure and automate your adverts for social media are so precise, affordable and to the point that you will get an unprecedented result from the facebook promotion.

In short, we provide advertising services in:

You can have your post sponsored for the following purposes:

  • Hiring notices
  • Product interdiction notices
  • Election campaigns
  • Advertising for your product lines
  • Service introduction
  • Anything that requires public attention

Come, help us boost your post and reach a greater mass with your facebook marketing. Advertise your information on Facebook. Please contact us at the following address for more information or ordering the services:

Mobile: 9841196811