Welcome to my website!

I have years of expertise as a professional simultaneous and conference interpreter in Nepali, especially in the medical sector. I specialize in offering interpreting services in a range of contexts, including corporate meetings, conferences, and courtroom processes, as well as for doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and other medical procedures.

My offerings consist of:

Simultaneous interpreting: I offer in-the-moment interpretation during speeches, presentations, and meetings to make sure that everyone is able to communicate clearly.

Whispered interpretation: When interpreting for a small group of people, as during a tour or a small business meeting, I speak quietly.

Conferences, trade exhibitions, and conventions are just a few of the occasions for which I offer interpreting services.

Medical interpreting: I offer interpreting services for consultations, operations, and procedures to make sure that patients and medical staff can interact and understand one another clearly.

I speak English and Nepali both perfectly well, and I also have a solid grasp of several other languages. I am also knowledgeable about many different fields, including but not limited to the legal, medical, technical, and business ones.

I’m dedicated to offering my clients top-notch interpreting services that satisfy their needs. I work to make sure that everyone involved can speak and understand each other because I recognize how important clear and effective communication is, especially in the medical industry.

Call me at 984 119 6811 if you want to learn more about my offerings or to get a quote. I’m eager to support you with your interpreting need.